August 30, 2017

Dream Big, Work Hard, Stay Focused & Surround Myself with Awesome People.

As you read this, you would have just returned from the long weekend celebrating Malaysia’s Merdeka. 

The same as how our beloved country has achieved its independence, we intend to do so with our company achieving our IPO to make a difference to make lives better for our people, customers, and community. 

My Business Philosophy:
  1. Dream Big – We have to have a dream so big that it excites us to get up every morning and to go above and beyond. 
  2. Work Hard – If you think you work hard, work harder and if you think you work smart, work smarter. We can always find ways to improve ourselves and everything that we are working on. 
  3. Stay Focused – It’s not about how many opportunities that we say yes to but how many opportunities that we say no to that keeps us focused on the BIG picture of our core purpose. 
  4. Surround Myself with Awesome People – Awesome people are beyond just good people. Good people have good character and good competency required to get things done. Awesome people have good character and good competency required to get things done with heart, mind, and soul aligned with our business directions and core purpose of making a difference to make lives better.     

Please be clear that we must always be aligned ourselves with the organisation’s direction. Never the other way around if we are to succeed together. 


Peggie Woo said...

Yes. Love to work with Awesome People. It really makes me EXCITED. Thank you for giving the opportunity to work with the team.

Nur Shairah Azhar said...

This is great philosophies to live by. Can be applied for everyday life too.

Thank you for sharing!

Raymond Thong said...

Set a big and awesome direction, take action to achieve it, always stick with the plan and achieve it with a team who have the same direction and goal. Stick with this business philosophy and BIG things will be happening very soon!

Ginny Seow said...

I strongly believe if we want to become successful, we must surround ourselves with the right people.
What we need to do now is do our best in everything to build a solid foundation in order to achieve our goal together.
Let's do this and make it happen! 🔥

Andrew Yau said...

Yup, Mr.Ernie!
Only people that are aligned to same direction can achieve successes together.

Be clear with what we want amd surround with right people around and work towards into it.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Ernie,

Your philosophies are to be pondered by those who seeks change in their work ethics and their mindset towards a more successful working life. Thank you


Anonymous said...

it is important to surround yourself with better people as it is one of a way to be better.


H@J@R said...

Surrounded by a positive, energetic, supportive and a very good kind hearted people is a blessing to me :)

Ivy said...

This Philosophy is not only for business but also for living life. The dream really makes me excites to get up every morning to work. I love what I'm doing now. I have been passed the tough and the suffer moment in this year, thank you for all support from everyone, I'm glad surrounding with the AWESOME people and now is to kick start the dream again and makes me excites to get up every morning. I believe this is not only my dream but everyone in this group as well. Dream Big, Work Hard, Stay Focused & Surround Myself with Awesome People.

MY said...

I am going to relate this article to a book which I read sometime back called "The Magic of Thinking BIG" which my take away was the following:
1) Always have an open mind and learn new things whenever you can
2) Stay away from negative ppl
3) Always try different things to improve our work
4) The most important thing of all is "Attitude". You have to have the right attitude to be successful and achieve your goals in life

This article has similar philosophies that we need to abide by in order to achieve greatness and lead a successful life. Stay focused on our goals and persevere to overcome any obstacles.

mus zambri said...

Thank you for sharing.

JL Lai said...

Totally agreed with this sentence, "Dream Big, Work Hard, Stay Focused & Surround Myself with Awesome People."

Especially, the point where you need to surround yourself with AWESOME People. After the past few years working and studying with PORTMAN Education Group, it was proven to me how important to have the right people around you where you will be able to get many supports and advises when you are in the dark with no direction.

Thanks for installing this system into my deep mind.

Anonymous said...

By lived in a growth organization is no easy to make sure all the people stay focus on the vision, but I believe that we can do it because one thing will change ours live that is education. Everyone want to have enjoyable live but when we put 100% affords and soul to the work place when get back the result definitely will proud that enjoyable. We must Dream Big, Work Hard, Stay Focused & Surround Myself with Awesome People then keep improving ourselves.

Ken Lim

Anonymous said...

I will always remember this ..
Thnks for sharing..

#you'll never Walk alone#


Chan Kah Hoe said...

Great philosophy and it can be applied in my everyday life. It's really BEST working with awesome people.

Mohd Razif Mohd Yusof said...

I will remember this philosophy. Thank you Mr.Ernie.
#bigdreams #RiseTogether

Kelvin Thong Jian Hao said...

We are not for everyone, only the right people who aligned this organization can stay until the end. Stay focus on what we need to do and always surround ourselves with the right people who has the same direction. We will be there very soon!

I am ready to fight and break through 2017! Let's DO THIS!

Thanks for everything!

Vennux said...

Thanks for sharing Mr. Ernie, will always stick with our Business Philosophy and achieve our goal together. Really appreciate the opportunities given by the company.
Let's make our dream come true!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing boss. In life, we must Plan, Decide, Commit and Succeed!


Muhiddin kamarudin said...

Will not only apply your Philosophy to my work but also to my lifestyle. Definitely to have a desire to go BIG, Stay focus and work hard. We're all are awesome people!

aziean baharom said...

Well said Mr. Ernie!

For me, this Business Philosophy is not only for business but it also can sets out the standards of good practice in our routine or daily life.

So, Dream Big, Stay Focused,Work Harder & Surround ourself with Awesome People!

Thank you for sharing!

Thinessha Balan said...

The highlighted philosophies are very useful for me to be a better employee and a good human being too. Once the goal is set, work hard and stay focused on it by surrounding yourself with awesome people. Yes that's the way to lead a good life. Thank you.

Richard Tan said...

I am absolutely agree with you, Mr Ernie. When AWESOME peoples are working on AWESOME things together, extraordinary AWESOME things will happen!

Yasota said...


thank you for give me the chance to be a part of this company.i will use this opportunity to make my life better.

Rahul Stone said...

When you free yourself from negativity, you free yourself to be surrounded with awesome people. Let's go beyond expectation and succeed together.

Anonymous said...

Every path has it's Puddle.
Just Plan,Decide,Commit and Succeed!!


Anonymous said...

The quality of your thinking , determines the quality of your life.
Confidence and hard work is the best medicine to kill the disease called failure.

~Siew Fong ~

Kenny said...

Thanks, Mr. Ernie for sharing the Business Philosophy to us. This is not just applied to Business, but our daily life too.

Janet said...

Thank you for sharing, looking forward to awesome lives ahead and working togather with awesome team :)


We do not need to work with many people in an organisation, we only need to work with AWESOME and QUALITY people who aligned with the organisation's direction.

I always believe that even though everyone of us are from different department and work on different role, but everything we do is building the road to success.

Work hard and stay focused, keep ourselves moving closer to the GOAL, our BIG DREAM will then COME TRUE.

Michelle Xinyi said...

Agreed with Mr Ernie!
We have to dream big, work hard and stay focus on what we are doing right now.
The best part rignt now is I'm working with AWESOME people and make a difference together.
I believe that we will go beyond and success together!

Noorfa said...

Yes. When we are surrounded with AWESOME people, AWESOME things start happening.

arison ho said...

Yes, I agree. Surrounding with awesome people with the common direction and vision not only motivates each other move forward but also enable everyone learn from each other.

--Arison Ho

Sammi Lai said...

Agreed with Mr. Ernie!
There is a quote "think big, dream big, believe big and the results will be big".
I think this is how Mr. Ernie can achieve his big results!
And also with Work Hard, Stay Focused and Surround with Awesome People.

Thank you Mr. Ernie for the monthly blog to start up our month!

luna yap said...

Surrounded Myself with AWESOME people in this organisation really feel amazing. When I joined this organisation, I have became more focused towards my dream and work harder to achieve it. Thank you Mr.Ernie give me the opportunity to learn and I believed we will go beyond to achieve the goals.

Gym Jian Sheng said...

Talk is Cheap, Action is Good, Results build Trust.

Previously, I always tell people my dream is to become one of the richest man in the world.
Yes, I know I am too naive and too young of having this kind of thought. I don't know how the communities work, I don't know how the world function. After I been through some different stage level of life, my dream changed; When I faced challenges, my dream changed; When I see something new, my dream changed.

Now I realized I always change my dream because it is just way too small and not BIG enough for me to die with it. Today, I am very appreciated I found what I really want to achieve in life and what I really want to do.

The best part is while achieving what I want in life, there are AWESOME people around me in the journey. I slowly cut down my unnecessary and focus on my priority. It is tough as what I thought, if you want it bad enough, you will make it.

Having the above is not enough, Working hard to make it happen is the key. To me, do not being too calculative in working while you can learn something from it. I always have a lot of mistakes in my works, even silly mistakes. I either take it or improve on it.
Sometimes I failed to overcome it immediate, sometimes I failed to apply.
As long as I never escape and continue stick with it. I will improve and transform one day.

Everyone is replaceable. You can never be the best in the world.
But you can be the best-self!

Let's achieve our BIG DREAM together!

Rosmalia Sabi said...

It is a good thing to keep motivated and be with the positive team.It's about impact, influence, and inspiration to get a good result for your work. Agree on the topic. Thank you.

Nicoline Natasha said...

Amazing and motivational philosophy that could be applicable in the business world and also our personal lives. Thank you for the brilliant yet simple words laid down beautifully yet carries a powerful message.

Lim Sheng kai said...

Yes! We need to dream big, kick start our execution to achieve our dream. No free lunch in this world, as you mentioned: " if you think you hard, work harder." Work smart and work hard. Stay focus on our big picture with good people.

Priscillia Ng said...

Agreed with the philosophy,

To achieve the big dream besides having to work hard and stay focus we need support from awesome people.

Priscillia Ng

Jassce Wong said...

Thanks for sharing Mr. Ernie.
Every company and live must also have such a philosophy.