October 1, 2017


  1. I used to believe that it was impossible to do well in both business and have a nice healthy body. 
  2. I used to focus on just growing businesses and not my health.  
  3. I was unhealthy and not eating right. 
  4. I was always wanting to help people become better even though they were not deserving of me and my time. 
  5. I was having a lot of incompetent and people with bad character working with me.  I had to lower my personal standards just to grow business.  
  6. I was always required to work a lot harder to fix other people problems and I thought that was what a business owner was to do to be successful.  
  7. When my mother passed away 3 years ago, I was very sad. I decided that I was not interested in businesses anymore and that I was going to start taking care of my health only. 
  8. You see, it has always been for me to either build a big and successful business or have a healthy lifestyle as it was just impossible to have both at the same time. IT WAS JUST TOO DIFFICULT. 
  9. Today everything has changed as I have decided that I can have both. It is "and" not “or” However, things will have to change. My directions in life MUST change. My lifestyle MUST change. 
  10. My New Directions in Life: I have decided to build a PROFITABLE & MEANINGFUL business AND also to live a HEALTHY & FULFILLED LIFE. 
  1. I decided to close down businesses that was not meaningful & profitable. 
  2. I decided to terminate all employees with no integrity with bad character and incompetent.
  3. I decided that I only wanted to work with people of integrity that have competency. 
  4. I decided to stop chasing after monetary gains for the sake of being richer. 
  5. I decided to workout at the gym to live a healthier lifestyle.
  6. I decided to eat right and a lot healthier. 
  7. I decided to accept things that I cannot change. 
  8. I decided to wish people all the best when they were not good to me. 
  9. I decided to remove people that was negative and draining my personal energy.
  10. I decided to only live my life to first and foremost make me happy. I am responsible for me first not others. 


August 30, 2017

Dream Big, Work Hard, Stay Focused & Surround Myself with Awesome People.

As you read this, you would have just returned from the long weekend celebrating Malaysia’s Merdeka. 

The same as how our beloved country has achieved its independence, we intend to do so with our company achieving our IPO to make a difference to make lives better for our people, customers, and community. 

My Business Philosophy:
  1. Dream Big – We have to have a dream so big that it excites us to get up every morning and to go above and beyond. 
  2. Work Hard – If you think you work hard, work harder and if you think you work smart, work smarter. We can always find ways to improve ourselves and everything that we are working on. 
  3. Stay Focused – It’s not about how many opportunities that we say yes to but how many opportunities that we say no to that keeps us focused on the BIG picture of our core purpose. 
  4. Surround Myself with Awesome People – Awesome people are beyond just good people. Good people have good character and good competency required to get things done. Awesome people have good character and good competency required to get things done with heart, mind, and soul aligned with our business directions and core purpose of making a difference to make lives better.     

Please be clear that we must always be aligned ourselves with the organisation’s direction. Never the other way around if we are to succeed together. 

July 26, 2017


    1. A lot of people want to have a better life but they are not willing to go beyond what is expected of them. 
      2. A lot of people want to have a better life but are not willing to get out of their comfort zone. 
        3. A lot of people want to have more money but are not willing to learn how to make more. 
          4. A lot of people want to have more time but are not willing to say no to things that are times wasters. 
            5. A lot of people want to have more opportunities but are not willing to take massive actions. 
              6. I can teach you but I cannot do it for you. I can help you but not forever. 
                7. Take responsibility if you want to grow and stop telling yourself and me that you want to do better in life if you refuse to learn for a better future.
                  8. Nothing changes until we make that change for ourselves.

                  The ONLY way for you to live a better life is to Raise Your Standards.

                  July 4, 2017

                  To be Asia’s No.1 Business School.

                  A healthy lunch with Tan Sri Dr. Lim Wee Chai, Chairman & the Top Glove management team to signify the beginning of awesome things to happen with the ATCEN Education Group and PORTMAN Education Group. 

                  1. When I first started the company 14 years ago, I was just a trainer with NOTHING but the support of Carole, Ken & Jeremy. They believed in me since day one and they are still supporting me to achieve our vision.
                  2. Carole has been with me for 19 years. She was my girlfriend then and now my wife and business partner.

                  3. Ken has been with me for 16 years. He was my colleague and now business partner.

                  4. Jeremy has been with me for 18 years. He was my client, colleague and now business partner.

                  5. They may not have always agreed or are happy with my decisions. However, they have always followed my instructions and directions. This I always appreciate.

                  6. Trust is NOT built by what you say but by what you do and goes through with me in good and bad times.

                  7. As such, I have always focused on building a sustainable business so that it can benefit everyone. Our clients, students, staff, and business partners.  It must be a win-win-win situation for all.

                  8. Our vision is very clear – To be Asia’s No. 1 Business School. When we are nobody, people will say the vision is nothing but a dream. That’s exactly what it is. We must have a dream so big that it drives us every morning to move mountains and make things happen. Remember we started with nothing and today, we have built a very strong foundation and platform for us to move towards that direction.

                  9. The picture you see above is a very meaningful picture. It is meaningful because we have a very notable, humble and successful billionaire, Tan Sri Dr. Lim Wee Chai that runs the largest glove company in the world that shares the same values with us with the same alignment of business integrity, high performance and high productivity with the exceptional focus on Top Quality.

                  10. I am confident with the continuous engagement and joint business ventures that we will achieve from this awesome relationship with Tan Sri Lim and Top Glove, we too will become Asia’s No.1 Business School in due course. The best way to become No.1 is to learn from those that are there now.

                  11. I will be sharing more on our new goals in our Annual Strategic Direction Meeting 2018 in November later this year.

                  12. We are now on a mission to provide beyond education. We are making a difference by making lives better.

                  13. Awesome things are happening. You definitely want to be around for all this to happen and experience it yourself.   

                  May 30, 2017

                  I AM ALLERGIC TO NEGATIVITY.

                  1. I am allergic to people that complains, blames and give excuses. 
                  2. I am allergic to people that create problems.   
                  3. I am allergic to people that think the world owes them a living. 
                  4. I am allergic to people that talk bad about others. 
                  5. I am allergic to people that are pessimistic. 
                  6. I am allergic to people with low or no energy. 
                  7. I am allergic to people with no sense of purpose. 
                  8. I am allergic to people that think they can do no wrong.
                  9. I am allergic to people that are lazy and have no results. 
                  10. I am allergic to people that do not care enough to make things better. 
                  My Prescription and medication for you if are an allergy to me and the ATCEN Education Group as I am drawn to POSITIVITY. 

                  1. Stop complaining, stop blaming & stop giving excuses. 
                  2. Start to solve problems. 
                  3. Earn your living and make sure you deserve it.
                  4. Stop gossiping and start building real relationships.
                  5. Be optimistic in everything that we think and do. Make it happen. 
                  6. Be present with lots of enthusiasm and energy in everything that you do. Show up.  
                  7. Decide on the purpose on what you are doing no matter how short or long it may take. 
                  8. Acknowledge our mistakes, apologise for it, fix it and move forward.  
                  9. If you think you work hard, work harder. Hard work is appreciated. Result is what pays the bills. 
                  10. People do not care until they know that we care about them. Love people, use things. 

                  May 2, 2017

                  OUR CULTURE.

                  Please take note that our culture is sacred and its something that we have worked very hard to build by design. We are not working to build just another successful company but a legacy to make a difference to make lives better through education. 
                  1. Integrity is our value and I EXPECT it day in day out from everyone. Do not cheat. Do not steal. Do not lie. Integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is watching. 
                  2. Do not complain, Do not blame & Do not give excuses. If you start doing either one of the 3, its time for you to leave the organization. 
                  3. We do not hire people to be a problem. If there is a problem, fix it. Be solution focused and a solution provider. 
                  4. We do not play politics and will NOT allow such nonsense. If you are caught doing so, you will be fired. This is what happened to many previous employees. You can sue me later. I welcome. 
                  5. Be cost conscious, deliver high-quality work and be highly efficient in everything that we do. Be honest, work with each other to create and add value to our clients, students, each other and the organization every day.
                  6. Never assume anything. Ask if you do not know. Be prepared for meetings with facts and figures or be prepared to be challenged on your knowledge, skills, attitude and habits.
                  7. Stay curious and always be learning. Be fast and accurate with your responses and do not hold anyone back for anything. We communicate to express NOT impress. I do not like people that do not respond to communication. 
                  8. If you have been chosen to be part of this team, cherish it as we part of something really special. Never take this opportunity for granted as we are not for everyone. And not everyone will have this opportunity. 
                  9. We are not here as a business to choose between profits OR to be a meaningful business. We are here to build a business that is BOTH PROFITABLE AND MEANINGFUL. 
                  10. Everyone must be aligned themselves with the organization's mission of making a difference to make lives better. Our lives, our client's lives, our student's lives and our families lives.  
                  11. We are very clear on where we are going. Our Vision is to be Asia’s No.1 Business School. This is our BIG Hairy Audacious Goal. Does it make us look stupid to others? Yes. Does make people laugh at us? Yes. I don’t care as Jack Ma was also an idiot to the world until he became a billionaire.   
                  12. We are results & performance driven.  Hard work is appreciated but the result is what pays the bills. Don’t just talk. Get things done. Deliver results. 
                  13. You are either all in and all out with us or you can get out. We will wish you all the best.
                  14. We do not apologize for who we are neither do we shy away from controversies for being who we are. 
                  15. You will either love it here or hate it here. There will be no middle ground. You will need to decide or we will decide for you.
                  I used to believe that good enough is good enough as I was just interested in building a big business and dominating the world. NO! good enough is NEVER good enough. We have to be exceptional. We have to be really AWESOME. That means we are ONLY interested in working with awesome people. 

                  I am no longer interested in wasting time anymore with people that are NOT interested to grow with OUR CULTURE. Please read the above carefully, understand and be clear on my stand.

                  LIVE OUR CULTURE.  

                  April 5, 2017


                  1. We are not interested to build the largest education group in Asia.  
                  2. We are not interested to build the most profitable company in the world. 
                  3. We are not interested to build and grow for the sake of growing. 


                  To achieve our CORE PURPOSE:
                  1. We must be devoted to our mission in everything that we do with integrity. 
                  2. We must be passionate with what we do. Love what we do and you never work a day in your life. 
                  3. We must have dedicated discipline with our time. Sacrifice is required to succeed and achieve anything significant in life. 
                  4. Leverage on every opportunity provided to learn so that you can contribute to our organisation.
                  If you feel otherwise, I will be more than happy to wish you all the best and look forward to your success to make a difference your way. Sincerely.