March 5, 2018


If you are reading this now, you must be getting either extremely excited or extremely worried. 

Let me tell you why. 
  1. We have a very BIG VISION to achieve that most think is impossible. We want to be Asia’s No. 1 Business School for the College/ University. 
  2. We are working towards becoming Malaysia’s Largest Education & Training Group. We will be the first RM1 Billion Education & Training Group in Malaysia. It has never been achieved before by any Education & Training Group in Malaysia.   
  3. We are working towards becoming a Public Listed Company that will allow us to grow exponentially to acquire & set up Education Institutions that fit into our business model of Education & Training that serves from Cradle to Grave.
To achieve the above 3 will require real courage, determination and persistence not just from me but the whole team that want to do this with me. We have to just work harder, smarter and faster. 

As Jack Ma (Probably One of the Most Misunderstood Person before he became a Billionaire – And most called him an Idiot!) said: 

“Today is tough. Tomorrow is tougher. The day after tomorrow is beautiful. 

This is the story of my life. Will this be the story of your life? 

February 5, 2018


1.    OUR INTEGRITY: Our value is to uphold HONESTY with the right MORAL ETHICS. DO NOT CHEAT. DO NOT LIE. DO NOT STEAL. Do the RIGHT thing even when no one is watching.

2.    OUR PRINCIPLES: DO NOT COMPLAIN. DO NOT BLAME. DO NOT GIVE EXCUSES. If you start doing any of the three stated, it’s time for you to leave the PORTMAN Brand.

3.    OUR PURPOSE: We are not here as a business to choose between profits OR to be a meaningful business. We are here to build an education business that is BOTH PROFITABLE AND MEANINGFUL to make lives better.

4.    OUR ATTITUDE: Always be bold in ambitions, assertive in actions and humble in achievements. Never assume anything. Ask if you do not know. Be prepared with facts and figures or be prepared to be challenged on your knowledge, skills, attitude and habits.

5.    OUR OPPORTUNITY: We are part of something extraordinary special and have the opportunity to make our lives extremely AWESOME. We just need to believe, learn & take massive actions to achieve all our dreams.

6.    OUR COMMUNICATION: We communicate to express NOT impress. Stay curious and always be learning. Be fast and accurate with your communication to get things done. Talk is Cheap. Action is Good. Result builds Trust.

7.    OUR FOCUS: We are PROBLEM SOLVERS & RESULTS DRIVEN. If there is a problem, fix it. Be solution focused and a solution provider. If we solve enough problems, we will be very successful in life and in business. If you think you work hard, work harder.

8.    OUR BELIEVE: LOVE PEOPLE. USE THINGS. Never the other way around. We must sincerely care for one another and look out for each other to make sure WE ALL SUCCEED TOGETHER.


December 29, 2017

Pain, Challenges & Obstacles Are Real. I am only human just like you.

I am only human just like you. I have dreams just like you. I have feelings just like you. Most of the time, you only see my successes. Hardly do you see my pain, challenges & obstacles that I had to overcome to get to where I am today. 

Yes I have my wins but more than my wins, I have failed more than I have won. Many war scars over the years from loving people whole heartedly, trusting them to do what is necessary but still being betrayed, manipulated for whatever the reason or excuses it may be. The disappointment is real and its never easy. 

I am only human just like you. 

Has it discouraged me to soldier on to make things happen to make a difference to make lives better? NEVER. 

This is because I have learned to let go and move forward with positive energy no matter what the situation. Anything can happen anytime and I have no control over it. But I am always in control of my attitude and what I do with what I have. 

I am only human just like you. 

However, I do believe that the sincerity of my heart’s intention can move mountains and I intend to continue doing so as pain, challenges & obstacles ONLY exist to make us stronger.  

December 6, 2017

Love, Trust and Letting Go.

  1. I am naturally a very people oriented person and I do love people. I really do care a lot for my peoples’ well being especially those close to me. However, over the years, I have been burnt badly, taken for granted with the trust given.  
  2. However, I have never stopped loving, trusting and creating opportunities for my people. The reason is simple. We must never take away the love & trust for the majority of the good people because of a few bad people that don’t deserve us. 
  3. The question is then, "How do I keep doing this as it hurts pretty badly every time we get burnt?"  – It’s a lesson I learnt when I lost my mother and when my health started to deteriorate badly when I used to weighed 130Kgs – Its called really LETTING GO. 
  4. If you really want to live a fulfilling life, be grateful for what you have right now, strive to be better to first and foremost really love & trust those that go above and beyond for your well being. 
  5. Never live a life of regrets as we all can live a much happier and healthier life that can really make a difference starting with our own lives. 

October 25, 2017

Nobody vs Somebody!

  1. When PORTMAN was a nobody in the market 5 years ago, not many industry players cared as most thought we probably will not survive. We were not a threat to anyone then.  
  2. Now that we have become a somebody in the market, industry players are starting to pay attention and scrutinise our every move. I know this for a fact as industry players are speaking about the PORTMAN Brand & Ernie Chen the extremely aggressive boss. 
  3. The good ones will wish us all the best and look forward to us achieving every success. The bad ones will hunt us down and continuously find fault in everything that we do. 
  4. Either way I thank them for they will make us stronger and better with everything that we are doing. 
  5. Always remember our VALUE of INTEGRITY – Doing the right thing even when no one is watching. This is and will be our key to our continuous success with an aligned team towards our core purpose, mission & vision. 
  6. As we soon move into our next phase of exponential growth, I encourage you all to reflect on your journey with us so far. Take this time to ask yourselves, what are your intentions with this organisation and what do you intend to achieve with us. 

Have an awesome last 2 months of the year in 2017!

October 1, 2017


  1. I used to believe that it was impossible to do well in both business and have a nice healthy body. 
  2. I used to focus on just growing businesses and not my health.  
  3. I was unhealthy and not eating right. 
  4. I was always wanting to help people become better even though they were not deserving of me and my time. 
  5. I was having a lot of incompetent and people with bad character working with me.  I had to lower my personal standards just to grow business.  
  6. I was always required to work a lot harder to fix other people problems and I thought that was what a business owner was to do to be successful.  
  7. When my mother passed away 3 years ago, I was very sad. I decided that I was not interested in businesses anymore and that I was going to start taking care of my health only. 
  8. You see, it has always been for me to either build a big and successful business or have a healthy lifestyle as it was just impossible to have both at the same time. IT WAS JUST TOO DIFFICULT. 
  9. Today everything has changed as I have decided that I can have both. It is "and" not “or” However, things will have to change. My directions in life MUST change. My lifestyle MUST change. 
  10. My New Directions in Life: I have decided to build a PROFITABLE & MEANINGFUL business AND also to live a HEALTHY & FULFILLED LIFE. 
  1. I decided to close down businesses that was not meaningful & profitable. 
  2. I decided to terminate all employees with no integrity with bad character and incompetent.
  3. I decided that I only wanted to work with people of integrity that have competency. 
  4. I decided to stop chasing after monetary gains for the sake of being richer. 
  5. I decided to workout at the gym to live a healthier lifestyle.
  6. I decided to eat right and a lot healthier. 
  7. I decided to accept things that I cannot change. 
  8. I decided to wish people all the best when they were not good to me. 
  9. I decided to remove people that was negative and draining my personal energy.
  10. I decided to only live my life to first and foremost make me happy. I am responsible for me first not others. 


August 30, 2017

Dream Big, Work Hard, Stay Focused & Surround Myself with Awesome People.

As you read this, you would have just returned from the long weekend celebrating Malaysia’s Merdeka. 

The same as how our beloved country has achieved its independence, we intend to do so with our company achieving our IPO to make a difference to make lives better for our people, customers, and community. 

My Business Philosophy:
  1. Dream Big – We have to have a dream so big that it excites us to get up every morning and to go above and beyond. 
  2. Work Hard – If you think you work hard, work harder and if you think you work smart, work smarter. We can always find ways to improve ourselves and everything that we are working on. 
  3. Stay Focused – It’s not about how many opportunities that we say yes to but how many opportunities that we say no to that keeps us focused on the BIG picture of our core purpose. 
  4. Surround Myself with Awesome People – Awesome people are beyond just good people. Good people have good character and good competency required to get things done. Awesome people have good character and good competency required to get things done with heart, mind, and soul aligned with our business directions and core purpose of making a difference to make lives better.     

Please be clear that we must always be aligned ourselves with the organisation’s direction. Never the other way around if we are to succeed together.